Inman Quarters

Mixed Use

Atlanta, Georgia

Inman Quarters is a unique residential and retail property at 280 Elizabeth Street within the historical Inman Park Neighborhood Association ( in Atlanta, Georgia. This 3.3 acre project will offer 200 apartment units and 39,000 square feet of retail space. Historic Inman Park is Atlanta's first planned community and one of the nation's first garden suburbs located two miles east of downtown. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, circa 1890.

Euram has invested with South City Partners (SCP) in this project alongside JPX Works, an Atlanta real estate development company founded by Jarel Portman. The $45 million project broke ground in 2013 and is scheduled for completion in early 2015.

Inman Quarters has a contemporary design but exterior elevations that blend well with the existing buildings at Inman Park. This project also has a parking component to serve not only the residents but the various retail stores and restaurants as well as the surrounding neighborhood. This project is a unique opportunity to be in the heart of the main intersection in this historic neighborhood.

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