Patio Homes at Liberty Branch

Single-Family Residential

Houston, Texas

The Patio Homes at Liberty Branch consist of 51 homes that will be set in their own private neighborhood directly adjacent to the Village Center in the Woodlands' Village of Creekside Park. The Patio Homes are set on alleys, with master bedrooms down and their own private outdoor spaces. The homes are a unique enclave of estate-style architectural gems which are becoming an instant classic in The Woodlands.

Euram has invested along with Palmetto Homes (PH) in this project. Palmetto Homes only builds charming homes in traditional neighborhoods that are within walking distance to great amenities. PH is a small Woodlands based company that builds a few projects at a time. Their motto is "Walk it, Live it, Love it!"

Liberty Branch is a complete neighborhood built upon traditional town planning principles. It includes arange of housing types, a network of well-connected, tree-lined streets, and public spaces within walking distance of schools, shopping, dining and recreation. These Patio Homes are up to 2,000 square feet and range from the upper $200,000's - $300,000's.

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